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Paint Shield is a total paint protection program, designed to protect the new vehicle’s paintwork against fading, oxidation, corrosion, staining, pitting, petrol, oil & detergents.

Diamond Tek Glass Shield offers high performance automotive window films engineered for Australian conditions.

  • All of our Window films are protected by CST Scratch Resistant Hardcoat
  • Rejects 99% or more of harmful U.V. rays
  • Available in carbon and ceramic for general purpose and dealer exclusive ranges
  • Carbon-Tek is a premium carbon enhanced window film that offers genuine colour stability for Australia’s harsh climate. It’s metal-free construction is non-conductive and does not interfere with radio reception, GPS and other sensitive electronic equipment. Carbon-Tek features a deep-toned, black appearance providing a sports style look to vehicles of all type and colour. Enjoy reduced heat and glare from the sun while protected from damaging UV Rays. Carbon-Tek is built to last, providing many years of protection and enjoyment. Choose Carbon-Tek for supreme endurance, protection & style.
  • Nano-Tek is powered by advanced ceramic technology, the pinnacle of window film manufacturing science. Featuring a twin layer of ceramic titanium nitride (TiN) to achieve the highest overall heat rejection performance with supreme optical clarity and enhanced colour tone. Nano-Tek’s durable metal-free construction is signal friendly and provides a deep non-reflective finish that is fade and corrosion resistant. Nano-Tek features supreme heat rejection performance, improves cabin comfort and provides extreme durability under the harsh Australian sun. Choose Nano-Tek advanced ceramic for extreme performance without compromise.


Automotive window film Specifications on 6mm clear toughened glass

Carbon Tek

Premium quality colour stable carbon offering a smooth, rich black look to any vehicle.

Nano tek

Twin layered Titanium Nitride (TiN) ceramic offering extreme solar performance and sophistication.

Ultra Tek

Premium Titanium Nitride (TiN) ceramic offering extreme solar performance and sophistication.

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