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To protect or leave unprotect … that is the question. Diamond Tek Paint Shield provides the ultimate protection for your vehicle’s painted surfaces.

Spend less time cleaning your vehicle with Diamond Tek Paint Shield. Dust, dirt & grime simply washes away without leaving messy residue on your paintwork. Diamond Tek Paint Shield has been specifically designed to protect your vehicle’s paintwork from everyday road grime – because everyone loves an easy to clean car. Diamond Tek Paint Shield is available in a Single Stage treatment specifically designed to protect the life of your paintwork with just one treatment. Diamond Tek Paint Shield (Stage 2) provides an additional layer of gloss enhancers, UV filters & hardeners and can be applied to your vehicle if required.

Diamond Tek Paint Protection … A Life Well-lived


No more cutting, polishing or waxing required
Water beads off along with dust & dirt
Protects against water & hard water deposits
Stain resistant against leaf marks, bird & bat droppings, tar, sap, insects, petrol, grease and grime
Powerful UV filters shield against aging, fading, peeling & chalking
Provides 24/7 protection against corrosion, oxidation & pollution fallout
Colour & gloss enhancers for a perfect mirror finish
Applied only once by professionals
Maintains showroom finish for top resale value
Requires One Treatment Only Professionally Applied
Environmentally Friendly & Australian Made
Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty (conditions apply)

How it Works

Made from refined rock oils formulated to create a tough, durable glaze that chemically bonds with your vehicle’s paintwork.

Active Flouropolymers fill the pores of the paint to produce a high gloss finish that never needs to be waxed or polished.

Enhanced with an organic UV protectant to prevent fading & premature aging of treated paint surfaces.

Manufactured using environmentally safe natural & synthetic resins that contain colour and gloss enhancers.

The hardened paint surface makes water bead away with ease and prevents dirt & grim from scratching your vehicle when washed.

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Paint Shield

+ Single Stage Paint Shield
Stage 2 Paint Shield

Gloss Revitaliser

 To maintain mirror finish GLOSS REVITALISER should be applied every 6-months after initial treatment with PAINT SHIELD. Failure to do so will void warranty.