Leather & Vinyl Protection

Rejuvenates and Softens Leather
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Leather & Vinyl Protection

Paint Shield is a total paint protection program, designed to protect the new vehicle’s paintwork against fading, oxidation, corrosion, staining, pitting, petrol, oil & detergents.

Diamond Tek’s Leather and Vinyl Protection coats and protects your vehicle’s interior and/or exterior vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces. It is a specialised emulsion containing silicates and plasticisers which rejuvenate and give treated surfaces added protection from shrinkage, cracking, splitting and discoloration caused by harmful effects of ultra violet light.

  • Satin finish
  • Replaces the lost plasticisers and conditions the vinyl and leather
  •  Improves water repellence, particularly on leather
  •  Improves clean ability – just wipe with a cloth
  • Retains the soft feel to vinyl and leather
  • Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty (conditions apply)


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