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Electronic Rustproofing

Diamond Tek Electronic Corrosion Control System are a fully computerised device designed to prevent corrosion in vehicles. It does this by a process called capacitive coupling. Both a negative and electrostatic field are induced through the vehicle reducing the rate at which oxygen and the body steel combine. Corrosion is then reduced or stopped.

Diamond Tek Electronic Corrosion Control Systems Simply STOP Rust … Inside & Out.

Diamond Tek Electronic Rustproofing Technology

1 Pad

Electronic Rustproofing 1 Pad

The 1 Pad Standard Car Unit is fully computerised, programmable and self-diagnostic. The system is completely fail-safe and will automatically reset if a fault occurs.

2 Pad

Electronic Rustproofing 2 Pad

The 2 Pad 4×4 Unit is suitable for small 4WD vehicles, utes and vans.

4 Pad

Electronic Rustproofing 4 Pad

The 4 Pad Heavy Duty 4×4 Unit is suitable for industry vehicles, 4WDs, utes and vans.


Systems Available for Mining

Suitable for building, construction & commercial vehicles, as well as buses, coaches and any other vehicle you have in mind!

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