Diamond Tek

Vehicle Protection Solutions

Invisible Protection For Your Vehicle … Inside & Out

All your vehicle protection solutions in one place

Diamond Tek is Australia’s leading supplier of premium aftermarket care products for your vehicle from inside to out. It might be invisible to the naked eye but Diamond Tek coats and seals internal and external surfaces using the latest in advanced technology … combined with almost 40 years of experience. Our products have been specially designed to address the varying needs of your vehicle in the harshest of conditions.

Paint Protection

Diamond Tek Paint Shield is a total paint protection program. It’s made from refined rock oils formulated to create a tough durable glaze that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s paintwork. No amount of wax or polish can protect or enhance paintwork like Diamond Tek Paint Shield.

Fabric Protection

Diamond Tek Fabric Shield protects the interior of your vehicle from constant usage and wear.  It uses superior science and technology to coat, seal and protect upholstery and carpets. Simply wipe away spills and marks with a damp cloth.

Leather & Vinyl Protection

Diamond Tek Leather & Vinyl Shield coats and protects your vehicle’s interior and/or exterior vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces. Specialised emulsions containing silicates and plasticisers nourishes and rejuvenates internal surfaces, while preventing shrinkage, cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by harsh UV light and heat.

Electronic Rustproofing

Diamond Tek Electronic Corrosion Control Systems use a self-diagnostic software. If the light on the installed unit is flashing green, the vehicle’s protected 24/7. The unit doesn’t interfere with electronic systems and draws less than 30-mililamps.

Glass Shield

Diamond Tek Glass Shield offers high performance automotive window films engineered specifically for Australian’s glaring conditions. Designed and constructed to the highest industry standard, Diamond Tek Glass Shield lets you control heat, fading and glare while bridging the gap between style and long-lasting performance.