Our Products

Diamond Tek offers the best range of products for all vehicles –  inside and out. Diamond Tek protects your vehicle in all conditions while making it easy to maintain.

Peace of Mind

Diamond Tek has the most technologically advanced range of interior and exterior car protection products available on the market.
We cares for your car as well as your health and the environment.
Our Australian Made products are environmentally friendly, non-allergenic and contain powerful organic UV filters.

Paint Protection

No wax or polish can protect or enhance a vehicle’s paintwork like Diamond Tek Paint Shield.

Leather & Vinyl Protection

Diamond Teks Leather & Vinyl Shield coats and protects your vehicle’s interior and/or exterior vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces.

Fabric Protection

With Diamond Tek Fabric Shield, your upholstery will retain its luxurious showroom look and feel no matter what sort of punishment you throw or spill on it.

Electronic Rustproofing

Diamond Tek Electronic Corrosion Control Systems are a fully computerised device designed to prevent corrosion in vehicles.

Window Protection

Diamond Tek Glass Shield offers high performance automotive window films engineered for Australian conditions.

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