Introducing Diamond Tek’s NEW Slideshow

Introducing Diamond Tek’s NEW Slideshow Selling cars in Australia’s competitive automotive industry is tough … but at Diamond Tek we make your job easy. We’re always looking for ways to help you sell our products. Yes, we talk about YOU at lunch time …...

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Diamond Tek Paint Protection

Diamond Tek Paint Protection applied to right hand side of car To protected or unprotect your vehicle’s paintwork … that is the question. Diamond Tek Paint Shield provides the ultimate protection for all your vehicle’s painted surfaces. Dust, dirt & grime washes away...

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If Nanoparticles could risk your health … Why use

Recently I had shoulder surgery … Let me tell you about what happened as the doctors wheeled me into the operating theatre … I was laying there when it suddenly hit me … HOLY COW! I’m going in for surgery. And this got me thinking about the risks . Would I ever play...

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Fabric Shield Test – Slushy

Spilling red slushy over a Fabric Shield protected car seat: The red slushy beads off the protected section. Clean away with a damp cloth for easy clean up. Fabric Shield penetrates and protects each individual...

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Fabric Shield Test – Coffee

Accidently spilt coffee on your car seat? Not a problem: The coffee beads off the protected section of the seat. Creates a resistance barrier against all water & oil-based stains. Easy care and maintenance for any...

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Introduction to Diamond Tek

Diamond Tek Introduction With no compromise in quality Diamond Tek delivers: The absolute best to enhance every aspect of appearance. Making it so easy to maintain your vehicle like new. The ultimate in lifetime guaranteed protective...

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