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Making You Shine … Since 1980

The “BEST” At What We Do

Diamond Tek is universally acknowledged as the “best” by our customers, applicators, agents & dealers.

Diamond Tek started out in 1980 in a backyard workshop on the Gold Coast. Tired of using fish oil to treat and prevent rust, panel beater Barry Meredith developed the first chemical rustproofing system in Australia. His workshop was his laboratory and the backyard the testing ground. Barry was the first to use underbody and topside rustproofing products before expanding into other aftermarket care products such paint, fabric and PVL protection. Barry also played an integral role in the setup of the Australian National Standards for Rustproofing.

In 2009 Barry retired … and I bought Diamond Tek. With more than 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry, I share Barry’s appreciation for quality aftermarket care products. That’s why Diamond Tek prides itself on giving 100% protection against environmental damage, longevity and easy of application.

Diamond Tek stands apart from our competition because we’re “better” than the rest. We’re committed to providing complete vehicle protection – inside & out – and constantly look for ways to improve our service and products. However, the testimony of thousands of satisfied customers is perhaps the most important endorsement. It’s them who tell us we’re the “BEST”!

At the heart of Diamond Tek’s success lies a strong set of values and goals typically found in family owned and operated businesses, rather than in those governed by the rise and fall of the Australian Stock Market. It is in this sense that Diamond Tek has embodied first-class product quality and Australian engineering since 1980.

Exclusively developed for dealerships, Diamond Tek products have proven themselves well beyond their warranty periods. They’ve been tried and tested in some of Australia’s harshest driving conditions, such as Cairns (31 years) & Darwin (25 years). Buying Diamond Tek is also an environmentally-friendly decision. We use methods of production that save resources as well as producing products that set new standards in the use of environmentally-friendly ingredients.

Diamond Tek customers around Australia remain loyal to Diamond Tek and recommend Diamond Tek products to others. “Once Diamond Tek, Always Diamond Tek!” As the director and proud owner of Diamond Tek I promise you this will never change.

Mike Galea
Nilrust Pty Ltd

Diamond Tek is the oldest remaining rustproofing business in Australia, having been in existence for more than 35 years. In that time, we grown our reputation of being “second to none” in the automotive industry.

Diamond Tek is a complete vehicle protection package specifically designed as an upmarket product. It has been developed exclusively for dealerships. Their specialist application technicians have been trained in the correct application of all our products.

The unquestionable quality of products and service has, unlike many aftermarket companies, been its primary focus throughout its lifetime and, as a result, it has developed an exemplary and untarnished reputation in its marketplace.

All products have proven themselves well beyond their warranty periods. They have been tested and used in some of the harshest climatic areas in Australia, including Cairns (31 years) and Darwin (25 years).

Contact Diamond Tek for all your car protection requirements for Fabric, Leather & Vinyl and Paint Protection, Rustproofing and Dealership Solutions.

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Diamond Tek has the most technologically advanced range of interior and exterior car protection products available.

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Diamond Tek offers environmentally friendly, non-allergenic & biodegradable products.

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Diamond Tek’s Lifetime Guarantee is backed by more than 150 agents Australia-wide. Our premium aftercare products make it easy to maintain your vehicle.

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All Diamond Tek Products are Made in Australia ~ By Australians ~ For Australians.