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Diamond Tek offers the best range of products for all vehicles – both inside and out. It protects vehicles in all conditions while also making it easy to maintain. The unquestionable quality of products and service has been Diamond Tek’s primary focus throughout its lifetime. As a result, it has developed an exemplary and untarnished reputation.

Exterior Vehicle Protection

Diamond Tek Paint Shield is a total paint protection program. It’s made from refined rock oils that are formulated to create a tough durable glaze. No amount of wax or polish can protect or enhance paintwork like Diamond Tek Paint Shield.

We Care

Diamond Tek offers environmentally friendly, non-allergenic & biodegradable products.

Interior Vehicle Protection

Diamond Tek Fabric Shield protects the interior of your vehicle from constant usage and wear.  It uses superior science and technology to coat, seal and protect upholstery and carpets. Simply clean up spills and marks with a damp cloth.

Our Products and Support

Diamond Tek’s Lifetime Guarantee is backed by more than 150 agents Australia-wide. Our premium aftercare products make it easy to maintain your vehicle.

Electronic Rustproofing

Diamond Tek Electronic Corrosion Control Systems use a self-diagnostic software. If the light on the installed unit is flashing green, the vehicle is being protected 24/7. The unit doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s electronic systems and draws less than 30 mililamps.

Proudly Australian Made

All Diamond Tek Products are Made in Australia ~ by Australians ~ for Australians.

What People Are Saying

“My car is now 5 years old, but it looks brand new. I got the Paint Protection and it is a breeze to clean. I love it.”



Julie Robinson

Gold Coast / Qld

“I go out bush quite often so I wanted to get a good rust proofing system on my car. The NECCS is amazing. It has protected my car so well, and i have never had a problem with it.”



David Mullineux

Echunga / SA

“I got the full package as I use my car a lot on boat ramps and at the beach. I can’t believe how good my car still looks. There are no water stains on the seats, no marks on the paint, it’s so easy to clean.”



Andrew MacDonald

Byron / NSW


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